Hoopla Labs

Greetings and Salutations

I started learning web design back in high school, first just hand coding pages in basic HTML. A few years later I started working in the IT industry and really started to cultivate my love for web design and furthered my knowledge in web developement. So this site is a living project for me to express not only my interests and hobbies, but current projects that I am working on at the given moment. Currently I am reqorking it to work fully with Bootstrap, so if it looks funny or incomplete thats why. Most of the sections are self explanatory, but if I feel it needs more information I will make note. The files section is mostly filled with various silly picutres and texts, but it does contain more important things pertaining to my life. Below is some more information about me, like my hobbies and interests. Nothing super exciting, but who doesn't like to learn more about others.


I have been into poetry for more years then I can truly count. Sometime before high school, but most of my writing was after that. I have written hundreds of poems by any means but I do have a small collection of works that I have done. I mostly write emotionally based poems and have been told that sometimes I write really deep poems. Which can be viewed here.


Ever since I was young I have been into computers. According to my mother, I used my first computer when I was 4. I am hardly ever without one of my computers, or without a way to access said computers. Growing up I was the technical guru, all my close family called to me or their computer, phone and television needs. I never really minded helping my family, just always seemed like the right thing to do. By no means do I consider myself an expert, I still ask questions and research things multiple times a day. I took a class once in high school which taught me the basics of my web programming knowledge. But now I am learning even more complex programming languages and putting these new found skills to work.


Outside of poetry I also dabble in writing short stories and would love to one day write an entire novel. For the last few years, I have participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). From January to November you can do all the planning and prep for your story that you wish but not actually write anything. Then in the month of November, you write at a minimum 50,000-word story. I am yet to complete the challenge but I try every year.


Gaming wise I stick mostly to mobile games and computer games. I own an Xbox 360 but hardly ever play it. Computer wise I play World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Fortnight, ARK and Minecraft. Mobile wise I enjoy Kingdoms of Heckfire, Pokemon Go, and Eggs. I'm usually willing to try new games but make no promises to enjoying them.